69th Berlinale Film Festival

This year, one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals, the International Berlin Film Festival ‘Berlinale’ took place between February 7-17 for the 69th time, with the slogan “The Personal is Political.”


Organized for the first time in 1951, the Berlin Film Festival is one of the world’s largest culture and art events. Govinet participated in this prestigious festival appealing to every facet of the film industry with the aim of expanding the content range of its VOD (Video on Demand) platform bumerangTV, which was launched in the German speaking GSA region in 2019, and providing quality contents to its audiences as well as offering solutions to fight against piracy in the digital arena.

Additionally, GOVINET have found the opportunity to meet with with many producers from different countries such as Germany, Britain, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Morocco and Kosovo and to discuss new collaborations and joint ventures. GOVINET follows this important event closely each year and keeps its finger on the pulse of the film sector and leaves Berlinale with important contacts and analyses.

What happened at Berlinale 2019?

Organized for the 69th time, a total of 400 films from 74 countries, including Turkey, were screened during the festival. After the press conference at the Berlinale Palace, the festival attracted a lot of attention with its festival program consisting of films focusing on childhood, family, gender equality and nourishment in parallel with its motto of “The Personal is Political” this year.

This year’s event also marked Dieter Kosslick’s last festival as director. The festival was opened with Danish director Lone Scherfig’s movie, “The Kindness of Strangers,” with 23 films screened for the competition section. From Turkey, Fatih Akin’s “The Golden Glove” and Emin Alper’s “Sisters” competed for the Golden Bear. Burak Cevik’s “Belonging” film was screened in the forum, while Mehmet Akif Buyukatalay’s “Oray” was screened in the German Cinema Perspective section.

Who were the recipients of the 2019 Berlinale Awards?

The awards ceremony took place on Saturday evening, February 16, 2019, and the Berlin Film festival ended on February 17, 2019. The festival’s most important award, the Golden Bear, went to Nadav Lapid’s ‘Synonyms,’ while the best director award went to Francois Ozon for his film “I was at Home, But.” Our director Mehmet Akif Buyukatalay, was awarded the Best First Film award for his first full-length film, “Oray.”

Content Protection

Govinet, prominent in the field of digital content protection, managed to draw attention to illegal content use which concerns the film sector first-hand, and received great acclaim for introducing its SaaS platform, TRINITY, developed to serve the needs of the sector and to help to prevent content piracy.


By gathering all websites providing pirated content, servers and a universe which serves to assist this illegal network together in one site and updating daily, GOVINET provides a single source which producers, viewers and advertisers may obtain information with its database www.piracybank.org. GOVINET offers this service free of charge.

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