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GOVINET’s mission is to help content creators share their idea with the world in a secure and profitable way.


Piracy is one of the biggest threats which the Industry faces today. Our team is constantly looking for new strategies and different approaches to find better solutions fighting piracy.

We work as a partner to the content creation world, looking steadily at new ways to provide a safer environment for the industry.

We aim to secure content not just after infringement happens, but rather from the very beginning of its creation.

We will share with you three fundamental problems that we have noticed in the industry and are working to eliminate:

Valuable content is subjected to pirate use

Thousands of movies and series are being pirated/attacked in digital environment and not turned into profit

Content cannot receive its deserved financial worth on global video platforms.

Hardly a day goes by without a breach or cyber incident being reported. Companies now acknowledges that in some cases, content & brand owner may need to consider paying to protect investments, licensees and customers. Through our Trinity SaaS technology we registered millions of infringements. These numbers are new records which are constantly beaten as time goes on, which means that the scope of victims is also getting broader.

Visual content is gradually shifting from traditional television to a different concept of the so called channel

Understanding what is coming towards us will help us to better prepare ourselves. Some paradigms will need to shift. The enormous spread of technologies and solutions will force all of us to think about how to protect. In 2020 more than ever, cyber security is no longer a question on “if” but on ”how” and “when”. It is a concern that affects all of us.

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We are a German company, specialized on IT security integration and consulting with headquarters in Berlin and Istanbul. Founded in April 2017, we focus on protecting our customer’s content, reputation and profitability. We do this by helping them manage cyber threats through robust security architecture, secure cloud solutions (Trinity SaaS) and advanced forensics.

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