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The gaming and software industry is more relevant than ever before. The global gaming market was valued at USD 162.32 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a value of USD 295.63 billion by 2026 and registering a CAGR of 10.5%. 

With DRM protection methods pirates can still gain access to games and software. Sometimes immediately, sometimes after a while and sometimes before the product even goes on sale. The reason for this is that DRM protection methods are trying to protect by a code placed within the product itself. The risk with this system is that when the firewall is broken, the game does not have a defense anymore. If the firewall is not protected, it is very important that illegal copies of the game and their distribution channels are eliminated.
This process is managed by us in the fastest way and 24/7. With our operational staff specialized in their field and our advanced technology software you will have a strong partner by your side. Through our experiences in the sector and collaborations with common platforms GOVINET provides customers not only valuable know-how but a relevant network and infrastructure for operating fast and effectively. In this process we protect both your income and your reputation.

With GOVINET on your side the proper consumption of your games/ software is monitored 24/7/365

Eine Cloud basierte Dienstleistung

  • keine Installation notwendig: 24/7 online Zugang
  • benutzerfreundliches Web-Interface
  • in drei Sprachen verfügbar

API Verbindungen

  • Social platforms
  • File-Hoster
  • anwendungsbereite Integration

Connect the dots

  • In-depth system analysis
  • Understand the pirate organization
  • Find weak spots

Incident tracking & escalation management


Internal&External monitoring and alerting


Hybrid solution

ein Mix aus automatisierten Prozessen und menschlicher Intelligenz


IP Black&Whitelist

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