It’s been a pleasure to join the Content Localisation Workshop and the Content & Cybersecurity Forum on the 20th and 21st of March in Paris. Our EVP, Jakob Kuznicki, and Head of Operations, Zeynep Gorman, attended the conference on behalf of GOVINET.

The workshop embraced all aspects of content Localisation from the metadata and promotional materials, through to compliance editing and re-working, to the end product output featuring dubbed and/or subtitled audio.

The Cybersecurity Forum provided a platform for industry experts to feature the extent of the threat, preventative measures and preparing for the inevitable, with participants drawing on real life experiences to illustrate the dangers of inaction and complacency. Jacob had been discussing Tackling Online Content Piracy on this industry panel.

We’ve been once again very happy to be a part of MESA. It was certainly a productive and useful two-day event.

With our best,


-To create a world where content gets back what it deserves.


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